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A llude versus Elude
Lesson 6-9
Prompt:"Allude" is a verb meaning to make an indirect or passing reference. Example: The speaker alluded to his fame.
"Elude" is a verb meaning to evade or escape from something. Example: The soldier attempted to elude the enemy.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.The military is trained to (allude) (elude) the enemy.
2.Did the book (allude) (elude) to his being rich?
3.The escaped convict was attempting to (allude) (elude) the police.
4.The speaker was (alluding) (eluding) to our patriotism.
5.As I grow older, I find that some words (allude) (elude) my memory.
6.Escaping from the crowds means I am trying to (allude) (elude) the crowds.
7.At the park, he attempted to (allude) (elude) his sister.
8.The teacher (alluded) (eluded) to his good attendance.
9.When a speaker makes a passing comment about a subject, the speaker is (alluding) (eluding) to the subject.
10.When a speaker attempts to evade or escape from something, the speaker is (alluding) (eluding) something.
11.She (alluded) (eluded) to my being overweight.
12.The downed pilot parachuted into enemy territory and (alluded) (eluded) the enemy until he was rescued.
13.That person's name (alludes) (eludes) me at the moment.
14.The speeding car attempted to (allude) (elude) the police.
15.Are you (alluding) (eluding) that I am stingy?
16.Wanting to be alone, Jack (alluded) (eluded) his friends.
17.The candidate (alluded) (eluded) to his foe's inexperience.
18.Afterwards, the candidate made every effort to (allude) (elude) the reporters.
19.His passing comments (alluded) (eluded) to his being a native son.
20.This exercise (alludes) (eludes) to the fact that the words "allude" and "elude" are different in meaning.