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A llay versus Alley, Ally
Lesson 6-8
Prompt:"Allay" is a verb meaning to reduce the intensity, lay to rest, or pacify and calm. Example: His mother attempted to allay his fears.
"Alley" is a noun meaning a narrow passageway. Example: There is an alley behind the buildings.
"Ally" is a verb or noun meaning to connect by some relationship usually showing helpfulness or kinship. Example: The United States is a close ally of England.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.When I attempt to calm him down, I attempt to (allay) (alley) his excitement.
2.The garbage truck usually uses the (allay) (alley) (ally) way.
3.His mother is his strongest (allay) (alley) (ally).
4.There is an (allay) (alley) (ally) behind the bowling lanes.
5.Her counseling seemed to (allay) (alley) (ally) my fears of flying.
6.Small countries need to (allay) (alley) (ally) their interests to other countries.
7.Countries with many allies are countries that work hard to create an (allay) (alley) (ally).
8.The line of palms trees makes a shaded (allay) (alley) (ally) near the street.
9.Canada is an (allay) (alley) (ally) of the United States.
10.Please (allay) (alley) (ally) my distrust by telling the truth.
11.A true (allay) (alley) (ally) is a friend indeed.
12.Allies may help a nation (allay) (alley) (ally) a nation's fear of war.
13.(Allay) (Alley) (Ally) yourself to successful people.
14.His new success helped (allay) (alley) (ally) his fear of failure.
15.A nation that signs a treaty with another country is most likely an (allay) (alley) (ally) of that country.
16.We traveled through the many streets and (alleys) (allies) of the city.
17.When we help calm another person who is angry, we attempt to (allay) (alley) (ally) that person's anger.
18.Between the buildings was a narrow (allay) (alley) (ally).
19.Is he still our (allay) (alley) (ally)?
20.Knowing grammar may help (allay) (alley) (ally) my fear of writing.