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A ll Ways versus Always
Lesson 6-7
Prompt:"All Ways" or "all the Ways" means every manner possible. Example: She was in all ways very humble.
"Always" means at all times. Example: She was always humble.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.My friendship will (all ways) (always) be true.
2.In (all ways) (always) she was the smartest.
3.Let me explain (all the ways) (always) we can win.
4.We will win on the field in (all ways) (always).
5.We (all ways) (always) win.
6.He was (all ways) (always) at his post.
7.(All ways) (Always) be there when I need you.
8.In (all ways) (always) you are my best friend.
9.Did the map show us (all the ways) (always) to go?
10.In every way this will (all ways) (always) be my home.
11.The team was in (all ways) (always) the best team we ever had.
12.Shall we count (all the ways) (always) to complete this job?
13.I will (all ways) (always) remember high school.
14.She was in (all ways) (always) our best student.
15.(All ways) (Always) do the right thing.
16.In every way possible we will (all ways) (always) be good citizens.
17.I have (all ways) (always) been a good citizen.
18.In (all ways) (always) citizenship is my most precious possession.
19.At all times means I will (all ways) (always) do my duty.
20.I will (all ways) (always) know the difference between "all ways" and "always."