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A ll Together versus Altogether
Lesson 6-6
Prompt:"All Together" means in concert. Example: They sang all together.
"Altogether" means wholly. Example: This is altogether strange.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.The class is (all together) (altogether) in its decision.
2.The students feel that the decision was (all together) (altogether) wrong.
3.Are we (all together) (altogether) on this?
4.The representative's speech was (all together) (altogether) unexpected.
5.When we do things together, in concert, we do things (all together) (altogether).
6.When we say something is wholly one way or another we say it is (all together) (altogether) that way.
7.The family will be (all together) (altogether) for the holidays.
8.The event will be (all together) (altogether) too expensive.
9.If we place our resources (all together) (altogether), we will have enough.
10.He is (all together) (altogether) against our efforts.
11.We are (all together) (altogether) in our desire to do well.
12.Their opposition was (all together) (altogether) strange and unexpected.
13.The group was (all together) (altogether) too partisan in its beliefs.
14.When we make the trip, will we be (all together) (altogether)?
15.You are (all together) (altogether) right in your conclusions.
16.The receipts were placed (all together) (altogether) in the drawer.
17.When we do things together, we say we are (all together) (altogether).
18.When something is completely or wholly one way or another, we say the thing is (all together) (altogether) that way.
19.I hate being (all together) (altogether) wrong.
20.Finally, I can say that I am (all together) (altogether) finished.