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M odule 6 Self-Test
Lesson 6-45
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences. The answer to each sentence may include more than one word or phrase.
1.She will (accept) (except) the Pulitzer Prize in May.
2.We have visited every state (accept) (except) Montana.
3.I desire to (affect) (effect) a change in my lifestyle.
4.Adequate sleep (affects) (effects) how I feel.
5.What would you (advice) (advise) your friend?
6.May I give you some good (advice) (advise)?
7.Are you (all ready) (already) for school?
8.The bus has (all ready) (already) come.
9.My friendship will (all ways) (always) be true.
10.In (all ways) (always) you are my friend.
11.Your encouragement does not (allay) (alley) my fear of failure.
12.Between the buildings was a narrow (allay) (alley).
13.When a speaker makes a passing comment about a subject, the speaker is (alluding) (eluding) to the subject.
14.Wanting to be alone, Beverly (alluded) (eluded) her friends.
15.Her alluding to her possessions gave the (allusion) (illusion) of wealth.
16.When a magician attempts to trick your eye or mind, the magician creates an (allusion) (illusion).
17.When we follow one another by turns, we (alternate) (alternative) our turns.
18.If I have a choice, I have an (alternate) (alternative).
19.I am popular (among) (between) my friends.
20.May I share a secret (among) (between) the two of us?
21.Grasping the full meaning of something means we (apprehend) (comprehend) the full meaning.
22.The (apprehension) (comprehension) of the criminal was reported in the newspaper.
23.The state is giving a cash (award) (reward) for information concerning the criminal case.
24.The judge (awarded) (rewarded) a large cash settlement.
25.I am feeling (bad) (badly).
26.He expressed himself (bad) (badly).
27.Mother, (may) (can) I go to the dance?
28.Since I have good balance, I (may) (can) ride a bike.
29.One of our presidents was (born) (borne) on the fourth of July.
30.Pollen was (born) (borne) on the western wind.
31.Smoking shortens one's (breath) (breathe).
32.At last, we could (breath) (breathe) deeply.
33.Please (bring) (take) this letter to Jane in the next room.
34.Please (bring) (take) me some wood for the fire.
35.The player became (angry) (mad) when the referee called a foul.
36.(Anger) (Madness) is a term describing a serious mental illness.
37.The principal acted as the school (censor) (censure) for student publications.
38.Do you think he will be (censored) (censured) for his language?
39.Those colors are (complementary) (complimentary).
40.The team had its full (complement) (compliment) of players.
41.She received a nice (complement) (compliment) for her performance.
42.Are you on the student (council) (counsel)?
43.If I were giving you legal advice, I would be giving you legal (council) (counsel).
44.The loud noise never stopped and was (continual) (continuous) through the day.
45.His (continual) (continuous) nagging was difficult to take.
46.Are we to attend on (continual) (consecutive) days?
47.Therefore, I (immigrate) (emigrate) out of a country to another.
48.In like manner, I (immigrate) (emigrate) into a new country.
49.This route is much (farther) (further) than the alternate route.
50.Will that plan (farther) (further) our national goals?
51.(Its) (It's) never easy to admit that you are wrong.
52.The company will never change (its) (it's) logo.
53.The dog (lay) (lied) down to rest.
54.The statement was an obvious lie. We were sure that we had been (lain) (lied) to.
55.(Lie) (Lay) the books on the shelf.
56.The books have (laid) (lain) there all day.
57.My book still (lies) (lays) where I left it a week ago.
58.The person was a (notorious) (notable) criminal.
59.The speaker was a (notorious) (notable) chemist.
60.Due to the ill-treatment she had received, she felt that she had been (persecuted) (prosecuted) for years.
61.I can only be (persecuted) (prosecuted) for my acts of wrong doing-not for my beliefs.
62.Who is the (principle) (principal) of your school?
63.We fully support the (principle) (principal) of non-violence.
64.Please (sit) (set) the vase on the table.
65.Where will you (sit) (set) at the table?
66.We enjoy watching the (sitting) (setting) sun each evening.
67.It was a gift of beautiful (stationary) (stationery).
68.To the earth, the sun seems like a (stationary) (stationery) object.
69.I want the chair placed (they're) (there) (their).
70.Did you find (they're) (there) (their) remarks encouraging?
71.(They're) (There) (Their) going to visit us next month.
72.Have you checked on the (whether) (weather)?
73.Do you know (whether) (weather) we are going or not?
74.Are the other players as good as (you and I) (you and me) are?
75.The final arguments will be given by (you and I) (you and me).
76.This exercise is (to) (too) (two) hard.
77.Will you be able (to) (too) (two) complete the test?
78.The small town was the (sight) (site) (cite) of her childhood.
79.The lawyer (sighted) (cited) the prior case.
80.Did you see the (capital) (capitol) building when you visited Washington D.C.?