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Quiz 6-44
Prompt:To this point in our study, we have considered eighty-four troublesome words.
Directions:Review these words by clicking to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.We have everything ready (accept) (except) the food.
2.Will the committee accomplish its goals and (affect) (effect) the changes it desires?
3.What would you (advice) (advise) for fighting a lawsuit?
4.We have (all ready) (already) accomplished those tasks.
5.She is an excellent employee with (all-round) (all around) skills.
6.We were told that this problem was (all together) (altogether) too difficult.
7.In all things and in (all ways) (always) our school is the best.
8.Between the buildings there is a narrow (allay) (alley) (ally).
9.By flying low, the military plane was attempting to (allude) (elude) the enemy's radar.
10.All of the speakers seem to give the (allusion) (illusion) that there is no problem.
11.As a candidate, you will be an excellent (alternate) (alternative) to your opponent.
12.The money will be shared (between) (among) the five contestants.
13.Do you (apprehend) (comprehend) the meaning of the court's decision?
14.The trophy will be (awarded) (rewarded) to the winning team.
15.I am really feeling (bad) (badly).
16.By hard work, a student (may) (can) accomplish academic excellence.
17.The ash from the forest fire was (born) (borne) on the west wind.
18.(Breath) (Breathe) deeply and enjoy the fresh air.
19.As you leave on your trip, (bring) (take) our good wishes with you.
20.A person who is identified as being (angry) (mad) may be a person who is mentally ill.
21.His political party will (censor) (censure) him for his remarks.
22.Did the teacher (complement) (compliment) her for winning the contest?
23.She will (council) (counsel) all students who are planning to go to college.
24.The blaring announcements on the loud speaker were a (continual) (continuous) reminder of much activity.
25.A person who takes up a new home in a new land is an (emigrant) (immigrant) in the new country.
26.Do you think we will receive any (farther) (further) support from the company?
27.The boat broke loose from (its) (it's) mooring.
28.Please (lie) (lay) the book on the table.
29.A criminal may be famous for his or her (notable) (notorious) behavior.
30.I can only be (persecuted) (prosecuted) by the law for my acts of wrongdoing not for my beliefs.
31.Honesty should always be our guiding (principal) (principle).
32.Please (set) (sit) the plant on the shelf.
33.The letter was written on expensive (stationary) (stationery).
34.Did the children receive (their) (there) (they're) lunch?
35.Are you watching the (whether) (weather) channel.
36.(You and I) (You and me) were chosen for the team.
37.Will they be attending (to) (too) (two)?
38.Did the report (sight) (site) (cite) her outstanding service to the community?
39.What is the (capital) (capitol) city of Montana?
40.Have you seen the (capital) (capitol) building of your state?