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S ight versus Site, Cite
Lesson 6-42
Prompt:"Sight" used as noun means the act or fact of seeing. Example: Sight is one of our senses. Sight used as a verb means to take aim or to make an observation or sight. Example: Sight along the barrel of the gun.
"Cite" is a verb meaning to quote as authority, to mention in a report, or to summon to appear in court. Example: Please cite the applicable law.
"Site" is a noun meaning a place of location set apart for some specific use. Example: It was a large school site.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.The unusual gathering of people was a (sight) (site) (cite) to behold.
2.What will be the (sight) (site) (cite) of our next class reunion?
3.(Sight) (Site) (Cite) between these two trees.
4.Set your (sights) (sites) (cites) high.
5.Please (sight) (site) (cite) the paragraphs of the law.
6.Did the rescue team (sight) (site) (cite) the airplane wreck?
7.You are a (sight) (site) (cite) for my tired eyes.
8.Will they be (sighted) (cited) for causing the accident?
9.With our telescope, we were able to (sight) (site) (cite) mars.
10.The airplane carried an advanced bomb (sight) (site) (cite).
11.The lawyer (sighted) (cited) the prior cases.
12.The ceremony will be held at the (sight) (site) (cite) of the building.
13.Did the report (sight) (site) (cite) his acts of heroism?
14.When land was (sighted) (cited), the crew cheered.
15.Eyeglasses helped my (sight) (site) (cite) greatly.
16.(Sighting) (Citing) her long lost friend in the crowd, Ann yelled.
17.This small town was the (sight) (site) (cite) of her childhood.
18.The officer was (sighted) (cited) for bravery above and beyond the call of duty.
19.Our favorite fishing spot is a secret (sight) (site) (cite).
20.Will we (sight) (site) (cite) migrating birds on our trip?