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T o versus Too, Two
Lesson 6-41
Prompt:"To" is used as a preposition or part of an infinitive phrase. Examples: 1) We are going to the store. 2) Are you going to sing a song?
"Too" is an adverb meaning also and excessive degree. Examples: 1) I am going too. 2) You are just too much.
"Two" is the number two. Example: I have two dollars.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.This test is (to) (too) (two) hard.
2.Will they attend (to) (too) (two)?
3.When will you be able (to) (too) (two) attend?
4.I am unable (to) (too) (two) go to sleep.
5.The price for the outfit was (to) (too) (two) high.
6.Let's all go (to) (too) (two) my house.
7.Let's sit higher. I want (to) (too) (two) see the parade.
8.Jack was working (to) (too) (two) much.
9.The (to) (too) (two) friends spend much time together.
10.Are you going (to) (too) (two) the beach?
11.Please check the answering serviced (to) (too) (two) see who has called.
12.He was (to) (too) (two) disinterested in the game to watch it closely.
13.Are you going (to) (too) (two) graduate in June?
14.I do not have (to) (too) (two) much money.
15.They are just (to) (too) (two) radical in their ideas.
16.I think my mother is (to) (too) (two) concerned about me.
17.That car was going (to) (too) (two) fast.
18.Are we going (to) (too) (two) fish all day?
19.The number (to) (too) (two) is a magical number.
20.Mother is going (to) (too) (two) the store.