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Y ou and I versus You and Me
Lesson 6-40
Prompt:"You and I" are pronouns used in the subjective forms as subjects of verbs or as predicate nouns. Examples: 1) You and I are going. 2) The winners are you and I.
"You and Me" are pronouns used in the objective forms as direct or indirect objects or objects of prepositions. Examples: 1) They have chosen you and me. 2) The reward is for you and me.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.Can we keep this secret between (you and I) (you and me)?
2.(You and I) (You and me) must conduct the meeting.
3.The two persons chosen are (you and I) (you and me).
4.The new student will sit next to (you and I) (you and me).
5.The final arguments will be given by (you and I) (you and me).
6.When (you and I) (you and me) were young, things were different.
7.Among the finalists were (you and I) (you and me).
8.Since the principal presented the highest academic awards to (you and I) (you and me), we have been popular.
9.(You and I) (You and me) will graduate on time.
10.The foundation mailed (you and I) (you and me) the letter.
11.Between (you and I) (you and me), I think he is mistaken.
12.They are not so tall as (you and I) (you and me) are.
13.Bill is much taller than (you and I) (you and me) are.
14.Are the other players on your team as good as (you and I) (you and me) are?
15.Please set a place at the table for (you and I) (you and me).
16.They are giving the tickets to (you and I) (you and me).
17.(You and I) (You and me) will enjoy the concert.
18.Did they save a seat for (you and I) (you and me)?
19.Obviously, they need more people like (you and I) (you and me).
20.Jane received a better score than (you and I) (you and me) received.