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A ll Ready versus Already
Lesson 6-4
Prompt:"All Ready" refers to a state of readiness. Example: They were all ready to go.
"Already" means prior to some specified time. Example: They were already packed and ready to go when he arrived.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.I am (all ready) (already) for school.
2.I have (all ready) (already) read that book.
3.The bus was (all ready) (already) waiting for us.
4.We packed and were (all ready) (already) to go.
5.Are we (all ready) (already)?
6.He has (all ready) (already) made up his mind.
7.I (all ready) (already) have voted.
8.I know (all ready) (already) that there is no such word as "alright."
9.We are all right when we say, "We are (all ready) (already) to go."
10.I have learned something (all ready) (already).
11.Please be (all ready) (already) when I arrive.
12.Dinner has (all ready) (already) been served.
13.Are you (all ready) (already) for dinner?
14.We are (all ready) (already) to sit down to dinner.
15.The storm has (all ready) (already) arrived.
16.Are you (all ready) (already) for the snow?
17.The snowplows have (all ready) (already) passed our house.
18.The bus is (all ready) (already) here.
19.Please be (all ready) (already) when I arrive to pick you up after school.
20.I hope you have (all ready) (already) completed this exercise.