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W hether versus Weather
Lesson 6-39
Prompt:"Whether" is a conjunction meaning in either case. Example: Tell me whether you are considering our plan.
"Weather" is a noun meaning a prevailing condition or atmosphere: mental or moral climate. Example: Stormy weather is coming.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.The (whether) (weather) outside is frightful.
2.Will you tell us (whether) (weather) you are going or not?
3.I was confronted with the problem of (whether) (weather) to ride or walk.
4.Are we going to (whether) (weather) all this adversity?
5.(Whether) (Weather) we win or lose, we are successful.
6.Have they decided (whether) (weather) or not to cancel the event?
7.What is the (whether) (weather) forecast for the picnic?
8.Please turn to the (whether) (weather) channel to see.
9.Do we know (whether) (weather) or not the storm is past?
10.We are experiencing unusual (whether) (weather) conditions.