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T heir versus There, They're
Lesson 6-38
Prompt:"Their" is the possessive form for the plural pronoun they. Example: They used their money on video games.
"There" as used as an adverb, means in, at, or about that place. Example: Place the book there. When used as a noun, "there" means that place. Example: Are you from there, too? When used as an interjection, "there" shows an exclamation of triumph or relief. Example: There! It is finished.
"They're" is a contraction meaning "they are." Example: They're going to the show.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.(Their) (There) (They're) going to visit us next month.
2.Will they drive (their) (there) (they're) car?
3.Once upon a time, (their) (there) (they're) were three little pigs.
4.They ate (their) (there) (they're) supper after the fair.
5.(Their) (There) (They're) preparing to present the awards.
6.It is nice and sunny (their) (there) (they're).
7.A seat is over (their) (there) (they're).
8.(Their) (There) (They're) seat is in the fifth row.
9.(Their) (There) (They're) going to sit there all evening.
10.(Their) (There) (They're)! It is finished.
11.Please begin (their) (there) (they're).
12.Were you born (their) (there) (they're), too?
13.(Their) (There) (They're) planning a big celebration.
14.Did those students eat (their) (there) (they're) lunches?
15.(Their) (there) (they're) once was a Roman Forum.
16.(Their) (There) (they're) remarks were encouraging.
17.(Their) (There) (They're) is a constitutional amendment up for a vote in the Senate.
18.Will the Senate stop (their) (there) (they're)?
19.(Their) (There) (They're) story was incredible.
20.(Their) (There) (They're) now! That wasn't so hard.