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S tationary versus Stationery
Lesson 6-37
Prompt:"Stationary" means fixed in one place. Example: The cabinet in the kitchen was stationary.
"Stationery" means writing supplies. Example: The stationery had a flower motif.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.For her birthday, she received a box of (stationary) (stationery).
2.The hunter remained (stationary) (stationery) and did not move.
3.One object remained (stationary) (stationery) while the other objects moved around it.
4.We buy our office supplies at the (stationary) (stationery) store.
5.The letter was written on flower-laced (stationary) (stationery).
6.Please remain (stationary) (stationery) in your seat until the plane comes to a complete halt.
7.The job offer was written on official, company (stationary) (stationery).
8.The ropes held the boat (stationary) (stationery) against the dock.
9.There seems to be no (stationary) (stationery) objects in space.
10.Be sure to print the letter on department (stationary) (stationery).