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S et versus Sit
Lesson 6-36
Prompt:"Set" is, in most ordinary uses, a transitive verb needing an object. Its principal parts are: set, setting, set, set. Examples: 1) She set the table. 2) He set the watch.
"Sit" is, in ordinary usage, an intransitive verb. Its principal parts are: sit, sitting, sat, sat. Examples: 1) He sits down. 2) The clock sits on the shelf. In a few instances sit is used as a transitive verb such as in: He sat himself down.
Note:When heavenly bodies sink below the horizon, they are referred to as "setting" not "sitting". Thus: the sun set at 6:00 P.M., or let's watch the setting sun.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.Please (set) (sit) at the head table.
2.Mary, will you help me (set) (sit) the table?
3.We enjoy walking to Goleta Pointe to watch the (setting) (sitting) sun.
4.Were you (setting) (sitting) next to Joe at the assembly?
5.(Setting) (Sitting) on the table was the rare book.
6.Don't sit on the cushion that I (set) (sat) on the bench.
7.He (set) (sit) his goals too high.
8.I told you not to (set) (sit) there.
9.The class (set) (sat) in the third row.
10.Did you (set) (sit) the clocks for daylight savings time?
11.We have always (set) (sat) at this table.
12.(Setting) (Sitting) tall in their chairs, they listened intently.
13.The moon (set) (sat) before daylight.
14.Please (set) (sit) the groceries on the table.
15.We will be (setting) (sitting) a new course this year.
16.The group just (set) (sat) on their hands and did nothing.
17.Let's (set) (sit) the stage for this story.
18.(Set) (Sit) my chair there.
19.May we (set) (sit) ourselves down at the counter?
20.A setting hen will (set) (sit) on her eggs.