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C umulative Review
Quiz 6-34
Prompt:To this point in our study we have considered sixty-three troublesome words.
Directions:Review these word by clicking to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.Will you (accept) (except) the invitation?
2.Will this test (affect) (effect) my grade?
3.What (advice) (advise) were you given?
4.Are you (all ready) (already) for the trip?
5.Have you searched (all-round) (all around) the house?
6.Are we (all together) (altogether) on this decision?
7.Are you a person who is (all ways) (always) on time?
8.What can I do to help (allay) (alley) (ally) your fear of flying?
9.Did she (allude) (elude) to the possibility of a raise?
10.A mirage is merely an optical (allusion) (illusion) caused by the atmosphere.
11.The contestants are to (alternate) (alternative) their singing and dancing performances.
12.Are we to share this money (between) (among) the two of us?
13.The principal will (apprehend) (comprehend) those students who are ditching school.
14.Will you be (awarded) (rewarded) for finding the missing money?
15.Because of my cold, I am singing (bad) (badly).
16.Mother, (may) (can) I go to the dance?
17.Do you know someone who was (born) (borne) on the Fourth of July?
18.With every (breath) (breathe) I take, I will be closer to my goal.
19.Students, when you come to back-to-school night, please (bring) (take) your parents with you.
20.Seeing forms of discrimination makes me (angry) (mad).
21.Removing books from libraries is an attempt to (censor) (censure) such books.
22.Does our baseball team have a full (complement) (compliment) of players?
23.Do you serve on the student (council) (counsel)?
24.The pouring rain was (continual) (continuous) for the whole day.
25.A person who leaves his/her homeland to live in another country is a person who (emigrates) (immigrates) from that country.
26.The filling station was much (farther) (further) away than I thought.
27.(Its) (It's) difficult to admit that you are wrong.
28.Pieces of the ceramic pot were (lying) (laying) on the ground.
29.(Notable) (Notorious) people become famous for their distinguished service.
30.Are we being (persecuted) (prosecuted) for our religious beliefs?