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P ersecute versus Prosecute
Lesson 6-33
Prompt:"Persecute" means to subject someone or a group to persistent ill treatment. Example: People tend to persecute teenagers for their different styles.
"Prosecute" means to pursue or carry on or to bring a lawsuit against someone or a group. Example: The court will prosecute any one who breaks the law.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.We shall (persecute) (prosecute) our plan for social justice.
2.The government will (persecute) (prosecute) a person who has broken the law.
3.As a minority group, they have been (persecuted) (prosecuted) for years.
4.Do you feel that you have been (persecuted) (prosecuted) for your views?
5.Are these countries continuing to (persecute) (prosecute) that war?
6.Is there such a thing as a (persecution) (prosecution) complex?
7.The district attorney has the responsibility to (persecute) (prosecute) persons who have committed crimes.
8.Throughout our history, it is possible to identify racial groups who have been subjected to (persecution) (prosecution).
9.America must always (persecute) (prosecute) the goal of equal protection of the laws.
10.It is a violation of law for any social group to systematically (persecute) (prosecute) another social group.
11.When a level of government brings charges of wrong doing through a lawsuit, the government is (persecuting) (prosecuting) that case.
12.A jury trial ends when the (persecution) (prosecution) rests.
13.In many different ways, I feel I have been (persecuted) (prosecuted) for years.
14.Will those people be (persecuted) (prosecuted) for what they have done?
15.Is it possible for some governmental (persecutions) (prosecutions) to become forms of persecution?
16.Racial slurs and put-downs may be a form of (persecution) (prosecution).
17.A civil rights attorney is someone who is dedicated to (persecute) (prosecute) equal justice under the law.
18.A lawsuit is a form of (persecution) (prosecution).
19.Have you been (persecuted) (prosecuted) for your beliefs?
20.I can only be (persecuted) (prosecuted) for my acts of wrongdoing - not for my beliefs.