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A dvice versus Advise
Lesson 6-3
Prompt:"Advice" is a noun meaning a suggestion or recommendation. Example: What is your advice?
"Advise" is a verb meaning to recommend. Example: I have been advised to attend.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.A lawyer will give you legal (advice) (advise).
2.A lawyer will (advice) (advise) you about your rights.
3.Is there some (advice) (advise) you can give me?
4.If you don't ask for (advice) (advise), don't expect to receive any.
5.My (advice) (advise) is to try harder.
6.What would you (advice) (advise) your friend?
7.The Senate must (advice) (advise) the President.
8.It is not easy to come by good (advice) (advise).
9.May I give you some good (advice) (advise)?
10.A good motto is to not give (advice) (advise).
11.What is your mother's (advice) (advise)?
12.What did she (advice) (advise) you to do?
13.To recommend is to (advice) (advise).
14.A suggestion or recommendation is (advice) (advise).
15.That was poor (advice) (advise).
16.Please (advice) (advise) your friends to be careful.
17.The policeman's (advice) (advise) saved my life.
18.Staying in school is good (advice) (advise).
19.Your counselor will (advice) (advise) you on your college plans.
20.The old man's comments turned out to be good (advice) (advise).