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I ts versus It's, 'Tis
Lesson 6-29
Prompt:"Its" is the possessive of the pronoun "it." Note that there is no apostrophe. Example: Its appearance was misleading.
"It's" is a contraction meaning "it is." Example: It's a long way to Tipperary.
"'Tis" is also a contraction meaning "it is." Example: 'Tis seldom used in modern English.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.(Its) (It's) a long way home.
2.Will the school suspend (its) (it's) own students?
3.The business will rely on (its) (it's) own resources.
4.The airplane started (its) (it's) engines.
5.(Its) (It's) going to be the storm of the century.
6.The storm left (its) (it's) marks on the countryside.
7.(Its) (It's) a difficult thing to do.
8.(Its) (It's) my opinion as well.
9.Are you going to change (its) (it's) color?
10.What is listed on (its) (it's) equipment list?
11.(Its) (It's) a technology that will change the world.
12.Has the company changed (its) (it's) logo?
13.(Its) (It's) been on my mind for days.
14.Will a leopard change (its) (it's) spots?
15.(Its) (It's) the question on everyone's lips.
16.Does that animal species protect (its) (it's) own?
17.The large bird spread (its) (it's) wings and soared above the trees.
18.(Its) (It's) a time that will try men's souls.
19.This can of pop has lost (its) (it's) flavor.
20.(Its) (It's) never easy to admit that you are wrong.