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F arther versus Further
Lesson 6-28
Prompt:"Farther" usually implies the idea of distance. Example: San Francisco is farther away than San Diego.
"Further" usually implies the idea of greater abstract degrees. Example: His dreams were further in the future.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.I can throw a ball (farther) (further) than Bill.
2.Are we developing any (farther) (further) plans?
3.The budget cuts went much (farther) (further) than we had hoped.
4.Will we venture (farther) (further) into the woods?
5.That route is much (farther) (further) than this route.
6.Will we pursue this court case (farther) (further)?
7.The charge of the Light Brigade continued (farther) (further) down the valley of death.
8.That tall building is (farther) (further) away than the shorter building.
9.A person who uses English correctly will go (farther) (further) in his/her profession.
10.I am tired. I will walk no (farther) (further).
11.Which planet is (farthest) (furthest) from the earth?
12.His plans will (farther) (further) his educational goals.
13.How much (farther) (further) must we go down this road?
14.Looking at the horizon, can we tell which point is the (farthest) (furthest)?
15.The lawyer developed his argument (farther) (further) for the jury.
16.The Senator's speech went much (farther) (further) than we had expected.
17.Which car will travel (farther) (further) on a tank of gas?
18.That candidate's proposals will (farther) (further) our national interests.
19.The team advanced (farther) (further) down the field.
20.Will the team go (farther) (further) this year than they did last year?