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E migrate versus Immigrate
Lesson 6-27
Prompt:To "emigrate" is to leave one's country for residence in another. Example: An emigrant is one who emigrates.
To "immigrate" is to come into a country of which one is not a native. Example: The person arrived in the new country as an immigrant.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.The U. S. Office of Immigration and Naturalization serves people who are (emigrants) (immigrants) to the United States.
2.If I leave my homeland to live in another country, I (emigrate) (immigrate) from my homeland.
3.If I come to live in a new country, I (emigrate) (immigrate) to my new homeland.
4.Therefore, I (emigrate) (immigrate) out of a country to live in another.
5.In like manner, I (emigrate) (immigrate) into a new country.
6.When I leave my homeland, I am an (emigrant) (immigrant).
7.When one emigrates from one country to another, one becomes an (emigrant) (immigrant) in the new country.
8.As a U. S. citizen I may (emigrate) (immigrate) to any other country.
9.People who come to live in the United States from other countries are (emigrants) (immigrants) in the United States.
10.Persons who leave their homeland to settle in another country are people who are (emigrating) (immigrating) from their country.
11.Persons who come into a country to settle there are people who are (emigrating) (immigrating) to the new country.
12.My forefathers (emigrated) (immigrated) to the United States.
13.Did your ancestors (emigrate) (immigrate) from Holland?
14.An alien in a country is a person who has (emigrated) (immigrated) to that country.
15.In the mid-1800's, some (emigrants) (immigrants) from eastern states settled in the west.
16.In the late 1800's some (emigrants) (immigrants) from Northern Europe settled directly in the mid-west.
17.Did your ancestors (emigrate) (immigrate) from Germany?
18.The early 1900's saw periods of (emigration) (immigration) from Southern Europe to the United States.
19.The majority of U.S. Citizens are descended from (emigrants) (immigrants) to America.
20.We are a nation of (emigrants) (immigrants).