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C ontinual, Continuous versus Consecutive
Lesson 6-26
Prompt:"Continual" means happening again and again at short intervals as continual reminders. Example: The loud trucks were a continual problem.
"Continuous" means uninterrupted, whether of time or space as in "continuous misery," "continuous rain," or "continuous range of mountains." Example: The stormy weather was continuous.
"Consecutive" means occurring one after the other as in "consecutive days of the week." Example: Are we to attend on consecutive days?
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.They were ready for the emergency due to his (continual) (continuous) warnings.
2.From January to March the cold weather was (continual) (continuous).
3.This was the fourth (continual) (consecutive) year of the rodeo.
4.If something is uninterrupted without short intervals, we say it is (continual) (continuous).
5.If events occur one after the other we say the events are (continual) (consecutive).
6.The Rocky Mountains stretch from north to south as one (continual) (continuous) mountain range.
7.Day after day the coach gave (continual) (continuous) reminders.
8.As he ran, he could feel each and every (continual) (consecutive) heart beat.
9.The noise never stopped and was (continuous) (consecutive).
10.A continual noise may become a (continuous) (consecutive) occurrence.
11.The students were aligned in (continual) (consecutive) order.
12.The (continual) (continuous) class interruptions by the loud speaker were annoying.
13.Once the fire alarm sounded, it became (continual) (continuous) for five minutes.
14.The heckler (continually) (continuously) made remarks as each speaker stood to speak.
15.These sentences are being written in (continuous) (consecutive) order.
16.The school buses were lined up in (continuous) (consecutive) order.
17.The talking in class was almost (continual) (continuous) when the teacher was out of the room.
18.A long, (continual) (continuous) line of sightseers visited the monument.
19.I do not appreciate your (continual) (continuous) criticism of me each time I see you.
20.Going step-by-step means I must go in (continual) (consecutive) order.