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C ouncil versus Counsel
Lesson 6-25
Prompt:"Council" is an assembly that meets for deliberating. Example: A council of teachers considered his case.
"Counsel" means advice or deliberating together. Example: He accepted the counsel of his mother.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.The student (council) (counsel) will meet Friday.
2.I will accept the counselors (council) (counsel) about higher education.
3.I hope you will heed the (council) (counsel) of your lawyer.
4.(Council) (Counsel) is the advice given as a result of consultation.
5.Are you going to (council) (counsel) him about his decision?
6.A jury might be considered a legal (council) (counsel).
7.Was Mary elected to the city (council) (counsel)?
8.Would you please (council) (counsel) me about schools?
9.The United Nations has many different (councils) (counsels).
10.The Indian tribe deliberated around the (council) (counsel) fire.
11.The decision of the (council) (counsel) is final.
12.If I were giving you legal advice, I would be giving you legal (council) (counsel).
13.The (council) (counsel) of elders meets each month.
14.Have you received (council) (counsel) about this matter?
15.The club (council) (counsel) held its monthly meeting.
16.The pair would not listen to my (council) (counsel).
17.If you are not going to listen to what is being (counciled) (counseled), why go to the counselor?
18.You may be a member of this (council) (counsel).
19.(Council) (Counsel) is the mutual exchange of advice and opinion.
20.A (council) (counsel) is an assembly of persons convened for deliberation.