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C umulative Review
Quiz 6-24
Prompt:To this point in our study we have considered forty-four troublesome words.
Directions:Review these words by clicking to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.I have talked to every person (accept) (except) Bill.
2.The (affects) (effects) of good nutrition last for a lifetime.
3.A lawyer will give you legal (advice) (advise).
4.I have (all ready) (already) read that book.
5.The most valuable player had (all-round) (all around) skills.
6.The students feel that the decision was (all together) (altogether) the wrong decision.
7.I will (all ways) (always) be your friend.
8.Counseling seemed to (allay) (alley) (ally) my fear of flying.
9.As I grow older, I find that some words (allude) (elude) my memory.
10.The magician created the (allusion) (illusion) of fire.
11.If I have a choice, I have an (alternate) (alternative).
12.You are to share the cake (between) (among) the group.
13.Do you (apprehend) (comprehend) this word?
14.The principal gave academic (awards) (rewards) to the top students.
15.My cold makes me feel (bad) (badly).
16.When I have the ability to accomplish something, I (may) (can) do it.
17.The fluffy seeds were (born) (borne) by the wind.
18.The fresh air filled our lungs and allowed us to (breath) (breathe).
19.The teacher requested that we (bring) (take) our books everyday to class.
20.My dad was very (angry) (mad) about the scratch on the car.
21.The Senate Ethics Committee will (censor) (censure) the senator for his acts.
22.Her remarks were very (complementary) (complimentary) to the girls.