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C omplement versus Compliment
Lesson 6-23
Prompt:"Complement" means that which completes. Example: Those shoes complement that outfit.
"Compliment" means an expression of admiration or approval given freely as a courtesy. Example: Her compliment on the outfit was appreciated.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.The green drapery (complements) (compliments) the rugs.
2.She received a nice (complement) (compliment) for her performance.
3.The teacher (complemented) (complimented) the class.
4.The bride and groom received a full (complement) (compliment) of silverware.
5.The two players' abilities (complement) (compliment) each other.
6.(Complement) (Compliment) her for her performance as much as possible.
7.His attempt at (complementing) (complimenting) her on her new hairstyle went awry.
8.The speaker was very (complementary) (complimentary) to the graduating class.
9.We found in art that those colors are (complementary) (complimentary).
10.In grammar we found that some verbs have a subjective or an objective (complement) (compliment).
11.An expression of admiration or praise is considered a (complement) (compliment).
12.The author gave the students a (complementary) (complimentary) copy of his book.
13.That which fills up or completes a thing is said to be the (complement) (compliment) of the whole.
14.In geometry (complementary) (complimentary) angles add up to be 90 degrees.
15.I would like to (complement) (compliment) you for your speech.
16.The ship had its full (complement) (compliment) of sailors.
17.His math skills and her cooking skills (complemented) (complimented) each other.
18.I would consider her comments to be very (complementary) (complimentary) to the band.
19.Twenty questions are a full (complement) (compliment) for each exercise.
20.The students were (complemented) (complimented) for their efforts.