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C ensor versus Censure
Lesson 6-22
Prompt:"Censor" means any official examiner of books, plays, etc., empowered to suppress them if they find them to be politically or morally objectionable. Example: Is there a censor for our library?
"Censure" means the expression of disapproval or blame, reprimand. Example: Will we be censured for our article?
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.The Senate (censored) (censured) the Senator for his remarks.
2.The library committee will act as a (censor) (censure) for the library.
3.Removing books from libraries because of their contents is an act of a (censor) (censure).
4.Will I be (censored) (censured) by the board of directors?
5.Some governments have official (censors) (censures) for new reports.
6.To receive criticism for something I have done is to say I have been (censored) (censured).
7.A (censor) (censure) is someone or group who can suppress something they do not like.
8.A (censor) (censure) is an expression of disapproval or blame.
9.If a person has received adverse criticism for some act, the person has been (censored) (censured) for this act.
10.Please don't (censor) (censure) me for doing what I did.
11.Does that group want to (censor) (censure) some books in our library?
12.Removing books from the library because someone finds them objectionable may be the act of a (censor) (censure).
13.Houses of Congress may (censor) (censure) its members for wrongdoing.
14.May a person who has been (censored) (censured) remain in congress?
15.An impeachment is a Constitutional provision to (censor) (censure) a federal official and possibly remove him/her from office.
16.Will the committee act as a (censor) (censure) for the newspaper?
17.In a democracy we have no official (censors) (censures) of communication.
18.In a controlled society all news is (censored) (censured) before it is given to the people.
19.Burning books as was done in Nazi Germany was an attempt to (censor) (censure) what people could read.
20.A government that controls what its people read should be (censored) (censured).