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B ring, Carry, Fetch versus Take
Lesson 6-20
Prompt:"Bring" implies the conveying of something from a distant place or person to a nearer place or person. Example: Bring me a drink.
"Carry" implies the conveying of something from one place to another. Example: Please carry this to the car.
"Fetch" implies a two-way trip that is to go for something and bring it back. Example: Rover, fetch the ball.
"Take" implies motion away from speaker to a person or place. Example: Please take me to your leader.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.(Bring) (Take) me my coat.
2.If I throw this stick, will the dog (bring) (fetch) it?
3.Students, please (bring) (take) your books to class everyday.
4.(Bring) (Take) your report card to me.
5.Due to the cold weather, (bring) (take) a coat on your next trip.
6.Will you be able to (bring) (carry) this load?
7.As you leave, (bring) (take) this with you.
8.So we can drink, please (fetch) (take) a bucket of water from the well.
9.(Bring) (Take) this book to your father.
10.Please (bring) (take) this mail to the mailroom.
11.As you leave, please (bring) (take) the garbage out.
12.The teacher asked the students to (bring) (take) their books home for the weekend.
13.Please (bring) (take) all your toys when you leave.
14.Will you (fetch) (take) my slippers from the bedroom for me.
15.Can you (carry) (take) a box that big?
16.(Bring) (Take) me to your leader.
17.May we (bring) (take) our uniforms to Boston?
18.His mother reminded him to (bring) (take) his uniform to school.
19.We taught our dog to (fetch) (bring) a thrown ball.
20.I was directed to (bring) (take) this letter to you.