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A ffect versus Effect
Lesson 6-2
Prompt:"Affect" is always a verb meaning to influence or to change. Examples: 1) Illness affects his patience. 2) She attempted to affect a caring attitude.
"Effect" may be a verb or a noun. As a verb it means to bring about. Example: We will effect the changes we want. As a noun it means result of a cause. Example: What effect will this bring?
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.Sleep will (affect) (effect) how I feel.
2.What will be the (affect) (effect) of my support?
3.His efforts will (affect) (effect) the outcome of the game.
4.The storm will (affect) (effect) the size of the crowd.
5.What (affects) (effects) will your resignation have on the team?
6.We (affect) (effect) everyone around us.
7.I desire to (affect) (effect) a change in my life style.
8.Diet (affects) (effects) me more than anything else.
9.The (affects) (effects) of good nutrition lasts for a lifetime.
10.Their choices will be (affected) (effected) by hard study.
11.The artist attempted to accomplish abstract (affects) (effects) in his work.
12.The company did not expect the (affects) (effects) of its advertisement.
13.Advertising (affects) (effects) the outcome of elections.
14.What will be the legal (affects) (effects) of that decision?
15.Have those events (affected) (effected) your beliefs?
16.The major (affect) (effect) of the election is yet to come.
17.The actor (affected) (effected) a foreign accent.
18.Being on time (affects) (effects) how I feel.
19.When I influence an event, I (affect) (effect) the outcome.
20.A good outcome is the (affect) (effect) that I want.