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B reath versus Breathe
Lesson 6-19
Prompt:"Breath" is the noun pronounced to rhyme with death. Example: I lost my breath.
"Breathe" is the verb pronounced as to rhyme with sheathe. Example: Breathe deeply.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.It is so cold I can see my (breath) (breathe).
2.The doctor said to (breath) (breathe) deeply.
3.Take these mints to help your (breath) (breathe).
4.The fresh air filled our lungs and allowed us to (breath) (breathe).
5.Smoking shortens one's (breath) (breathe).
6.The speaker drew a long (breath) (breathe) before starting to talk.
7.Why are you out of (breath) (breathe)?
8.To (breath) (breathe) means to inhale and exhale air.
9.The good news was a (breath) (breathe) of fresh air.
10.Our (breath) (breathe) condensed on the car windshield.
11.Attempt to (breath) (breathe) through your nose.
12.The cold made it difficult for her to (breath) (breathe).
13.The runners dropped to the ground out of (breath) (breathe).
14.Have you had your (breath) (breathe) knocked from you?
15.I held my (breath) (breathe) as the announcement was made.
16.His (breath) (breathe) came in labored gasps.
17.Her kiss took his (breath) (breathe) away.
18.Under his (breath) (breathe) he whispered her name.
19.The patient's chest rose and he began to (breath) (breathe).
20.I love to (breath) (breathe) the fresh mountain air.