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B ad versus Badly
Lesson 6-16
Prompt:"Bad" is an adjective meaning sick or in pain. Example: I feel bad.
"Badly" is an adverb and should not be used as an adjective. Example: He drives badly.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following senctences.
1.I am feeling (bad) (badly).
2.This tastes (bad) (badly).
3.That smells (bad) (badly).
4.I really feel (bad) (badly).
5.He expresses himself (bad) (badly).
6.We consider this a (bad) (badly) day.
7.You are behaving (bad) (badly).
8.(Bad) (Badly) dog!
9.How (bad) (badly) is it?
10.My wound is (bad) (badly).
11.This is a (bad) (badly) outcome.
12.She performs (bad) (badly) on the parallel bars.
13.They are (bad) (badly) characters.
14.My cold is (bad) (badly).
15.How (bad) (badly) do you feel?
16.This is a (bad) (badly) time of year.
17.The milk tastes (bad) (badly).
18.The dish smells (bad) (badly).
19.Does that taste as (bad) (badly) as it looks?
20.I feel so (bad) (badly) for her.