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A ward versus Reward
Lesson 6-15
Prompt:"Award" means to bestow an honor or object by a considered decision. Example: The principal gave academic awards to the top students.
"Reward" is something given in return for something done, either good or evil. Example: He was rewarded with cookies.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.For her outstanding academic performance, the (award) (reward) goes to Mary.
2.For turning in the lost wallet, Bill received a (award) (reward).
3.The championship trophy was (awarded) (rewarded) to the team.
4.A large (award) (reward) is advertised for information about the fugitive.
5.At the end of the year, (awards) (rewards) will be given for the best attendance.
6.You will be (awarded) (rewarded) for your hard work.
7.The judge (awarded) (rewarded) a large cash settlement.
8.He was (awarded) (rewarded) for finding the wallet.
9.School achievement (awards) (rewards) are given after careful review by the teachers.
10.Kate was (awarded) (rewarded) a scholarship to the university.
11.A citizen's (award) (reward) was presented to all the firemen who had saved a life.
12.There was a special recognition (award) (reward) given to the student with the highest test score.
13.The jury (awarded) (rewarded) a large cash settlement to the defendant.
14.The state is giving a cash (award) (reward) for information concerning that criminal case.
15.Will I receive a/an (award) (reward) for giving that information?
16.Your (award) (reward) for living a good life will be many friends.
17.A computer was (awarded) (rewarded) to all participating students.
18.When one bestows an honor or gives a prize to an individual by judging the person's merits, the person is given a/an (award) (reward).
19.When one gives payment to a person for some act the person did, the person is given a/an (award) (reward).
20.Doing well in your academic studies brings its own (awards) (rewards).