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A pprehend versus Comprehend
Lesson 6-14
Prompt:"Apprehend" means to take into custody, grasp mentally, or have a foreboding or dread something. Example: Please apprehend the criminal.
"Comprehend" means to grasp mentally or understand fully. Example: Do you comprehend this material?
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.The FBI (apprehended) (comprehended) the fugitives.
2.Do you (apprehend) (comprehend) this lesson?
3.I have great (apprehension) (comprehension) of the dark forest.
4.What is her level of (apprehension) (comprehension) of the contents of this book?
5.She enrolled in a very (apprehensive) (comprehensive) English course.
6.Due to his fearful demeanor, it was evident that he was very (apprehensive) (comprehensive) about going to school.
7.The (apprehension) (comprehension) of the dangerous criminal was reported in the newspaper.
8.I do not (apprehend) (comprehend) what he is saying.
9.If a student fully understands the material, the student (apprehends) (comprehends) the material.
10.The truant students were fearful of being (apprehended) (comprehended) by the truant officer.
11.These students were (apprehensive) (comprehensive) about their future.
12.Grasping the full meaning of something means we (apprehend) (comprehend) the full meaning.
13.Try to (apprehend) (comprehend) the meaning of love.
14.If I do not understand, I do not (apprehend) (comprehend).
15.If I am fearful of the test, I am (apprehensive) (comprehensive) of the test.
16.Do you think they will (apprehend) (comprehend) the person who is responsible?
17.The cookie monster was (apprehended) (comprehended) in the act of stealing cookies.
18.I shall never (apprehend) (comprehend) why you acted that way.
19.The police are attempting to (apprehend) (comprehend) all the speeders on the street.
20.I now (apprehend) (comprehend) the differences between the words "apprehend" and "comprehend."