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A mong, Amongst versus Between
Lesson 6-13
Prompt:"Among" (and Amongst) shows connection with more than two persons or things. Example: They stood among the trees.
"Between" shows connection with two persons or things and may refer to space or time. Example: There was an alley between the buildings.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.The house nestled (among) (between) the many trees.
2.You are to share the cake (among) (between) the group.
3.Please keep this secret (among) (between) you and me.
4.(Among) (Between) her many talents is her ability to sing.
5.The newspaper reported that he was (among) (between) the dead.
6.(Among) (Between) the hours of twelve midnight and one A.M., strange things happen.
7.May we share this (among) (between) the two of us?
8.His goal was to distribute money (among) (between) the poor.
9.There (amongst) (between) the crowd, she waved her hand.
10.That social custom is usually practiced (among) (between) the French.
11.The flavor of the dish was somewhere (among) (between) sweet and sour.
12.(Among) (Between) the two fishermen, they caught five fish.
13.Do you know the difference (among) (between) right and wrong?
14.There is no virtue (among) (between) a group of thieves.
15.The lamp stood (among) (between) the sofa and the chair.
16.Within the room, the lamp stood (among) (between) all the furniture.
17.Is that a common expression (among) (between) all Americans?
18.The class sat on the floor as the teacher placed her chair (among) (between) the children.
19.I observed the full moon (amongst) (between) all the myriad of stars.
20.The earth is situated (among) (between) Mars and Venus.