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A lternate versus Alternative
Lesson 6-12
Prompt:"Alternate" (as a verb) means to follow one another by turns. Example: Please alternate the colored pages.
"Alternate" (as a noun) means a substitute or second for another person. Example: I am the alternate committee member.
"Alternative" means a choice between two things. Example: We have only two alternatives.
Directions:Click to select the correct verb usage in the following sentences.
1.If I have a choice, I have an (alternate) (alternative).
2.Will you be my (alternate) (alternative) on the committee?
3.Please (alternate) (alternative) playing the slow and fast songs.
4.I do not want to face the (alternate) (alternative) of death or dishonor.
5.The judge said that I had the (alternate) (alternative) between jail or a fine.
6.Bruce (alternates) (alternative) between staying at his apartment and his parents' home.
7.When I say that you are to take turns, I am saying that you must (alternate) (alternative).
8.Who is your (alternate) (alternative) at work?
9.We can say that day (alternates) (alternative) with night.
10.I have no (alternate) (alternative) but to resign.
11.This month we are going to an (alternate) (alternative) plan.
12.When Jack acts as a substitute or second for Jill, we say that Jack is Jill's (alternate) (alternative).
13.When we follow one another by turns, we (alternate) (alternative) our turns.
14.What is your remaining (alternate) (alternative)?
15.Having an option means I have an (alternate) (alternative).
16.Electric current changing back and forth from positive to negative is called (alternating) (alternative) current.
17.If I have no other choice, I have no other (alternate) (alternative).
18.Since you give me no (alternate) (alternative), I accept.
19.(Alternate) (Alternative) your sentences to create interest.
20.Will you be my (alternate) (alternative) for the team?