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C umulative Review
Quiz 6-11
Prompt:To this point, our study has compared twenty troublesome words.
Directions:Review these words by clicking to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.I (accept) (except) your apology.
2.Everyone is going (accept) (except) me.
3.What are the (affects) (effects) of the medicine.
4.The rain will (affect) (effect) the outcome of the game.
5.Have you received legal (advice) (advise)?
6.What would you (advice) (advise) your friend?
7.We have packed and are (all ready) (already) for the trip.
8.The Smiths have (all ready) (already) left for the airport.
9.We searched (all-round) (all around) the house for his glasses.
10.Her athletic skills made her an (all-round) (all around) sports star.
11.This cumulative review is (all together) (altogether) too difficult for me.
12.The entire class decided to do the project (all together) (altogether).
13.This assignment is in (all ways) (always) too difficult.
14.She (all ways) (always) receives the highest score.
15.America is an (allay) (alley) (ally) of Mexico.
16.They placed the garbage in the (allay) (alley) (ally).
17.Their comforting helped (allay) (alley) (ally) his fears.
18.The speaker (alluded) (eluded) to the possibility that we were the winners.
19.I tell my friends that I am having a senior moment when a word (alludes) (eludes) me.
20.When a magician attempts to trick your eye or mind, the magician creates an (allusion) (illusion).