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A llusion versus Illusion
Lesson 6-10
Prompt:"Allusion" is the noun derived from the verb "allude" which is to make an indirect or passing reference to something. Example: She made allusions about her wealth.
"Illusion" is the action of deceiving the eye or mind by what is unreal or false. Example: The magician created the illusion of flowing water.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.That I once thought I would be rich and famous is a mere (allusion) (illusion) now.
2.A mirage is an atmospheric (allusion) (illusion).
3.The poet's words about fog created the (allusion) (illusion) of foreboding fear.
4.When I make a passing comment, I am alluding to certain things and creating an (allusion) (illusion) about these things.
5.When a magician attempts to trick your eye or mind, the magician creates an (allusion) (illusion).
6.The slope of the land gave the (allusion) (illusion) of water flowing up hill.
7.Alluding to her possessions gave an (allusion) (illusion) of wealth.
8.Her driving an expensive sports car created the (allusion) (illusion) of success.
9.The quarterback faked to the fullback and created the (allusion) (illusion) of a running play.
10.The train moving on the next track caused the (allusion) (illusion) of motion.
11.Have you experienced the (allusion) (illusion) of falling?
12.A famous psychiatrist, Edmond Freud, through a slip of the tongue, created an (allusion) (illusion) which will be forever known as the "Freudian slip."
13.The painting gave the (allusion) (illusion) of three dimensions.
14.The reflections in the water gave the (allusion) (illusion) of the world being upside down.
15.The teacher's subtle mentioning of a pop quiz caused the (allusion) (illusion) of her possible anger.
16.The angle of the building caused the (allusion) (illusion) of height.
17.Their alluding to various illnesses in the population caused the (allusion) (illusion) that everyone was ill.
18.The grandeur of the plush surroundings was a mere (allusion) (illusion) of what was really represented.
19.When a person alludes to something by making a passing comment, this results in an (allusion) (illusion) being made.
20.Tricking the eye or mind is an attempt to cause an (allusion) (illusion).