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A ccept versus Except
Lesson 6-1
Prompt:"Accept" means to receive. Example: I accept your invitation.
"Except" means to omit or to exempt. Example: Everyone except Bill will attend.
Directions:Click to select the correct word usage in the following sentences.
1.She will (accept) (except) the Nobel Peace Prize in June.
2.I need to (accept) (except) myself as I am.
3.We have visited every state (accept) (except) Maine.
4.(Accept) (Except) for Mary, we will attend.
5.Will you (accept) (except) the office?
6.Give us each flavor (accept) (except) vanilla.
7.We must (accept) (except) the court's decision.
8.Will your family (accept) (except) your decision?
9.Everyone will approve of my decision (except) (accept) Dad.
10.They have tried every alternative (accept) (except) the right one.
11.Have you tried to (accept) (except) the inevitable?
12.Her boasting is hard to (accept) (except).
13.(Accept) (Except) for his bashful ways, he is popular.
14.He is (accepted) (excepted) by the class.
15.(Accepting) (Excepting) the crowd's praise, he bowed.
16.(Accept) (Except) for Bill, the entire class attended.
17.That event was the (acceptance) (exception).
18.As an exceptional student she will (accept) (except) the award.
19.Please (accept) (except) my apology.
20.I will work hard and never (accept) (except) my shortcomings.