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C omma: Participial Phrases versus Gerundial Phrases
Lesson 5-8
Prompt:Introductory gerundial phrases serve as the subject of the verb and are never marked off from the verb by a single comma: "Running through the park is great fun." Introductory participial phrases serve as adjectives and are always marked off by commas: "Running through the park, Jill waved to us."
Directions:The following sentences either have a comma missing or are correct as shown. Either insert a comma by clicking between words where you desire a comma to be, or select "correct as is" at the end of the sentence.
1.Hisskateboardingonmysidewalkmakesmeangry. (correct as is)
2.DrinkingallmymilkJackatemycaketoo. (correct as is)
3.Playingfootballthisfallwasmyfirstgoal. (correct as is)
4.PlacingastampontheenvelopeImailedtheletter. (correct as is)
5.Herusingthecomputerhelpedherstudy. (correct as is)
6.Selectingthesephrasesisagreatwaytolearn. (correct as is)
7.Ouridentifyingverbalphraseshelpsuslearn. (correct as is)
8.Straighteninghistiethespeakerbeganhisspeech. (correct as is)
9.Speakingforanhourthespeakersuddenlystopped. (correct as is)
10.Standingandstretchingourarmsweleftthebuilding. (correct as is)
11.Writingforthreehoursgivesmemusclespasms. (correct as is)
12.Riskingtheirverylivestheclimbersstartedupthecliff. (correct as is)
13.Belayingwithropeswasthemostdifficulttask. (correct as is)
14.Goinghandoverhanduptheropeladderwasexhausting. (correct as is)
15.Hammeringpitonsintotherockthegroupinchedforward. (correct as is)
16.Beingattachedtotheropethesleepingbagdangled. (correct as is)
17.Droppingintotheteensthetemperaturesfrostedtherocks. (correct as is)
18.Swingingfromsidetosidethebagwasbuffetedbythewinds. (correct as is)
19.Sheddinghisbagcocoonthewearyclimberarose. (correct as is)
20.Arrivingatthesummitwasexhilarating. (correct as is)