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M odule 5 Self-Test
Exercise 5-49
Purpose:In this study we have covered the use of end-point punctuation, the comma, quotation marks, ellipsis points, brackets, underscores, Italics, parentheses, dash, semicolon, colon, and the virgule.
Directions:Carefully read each question below and do as directed.
1-10:End Point Punctuation: Choose the correct end-point punctuation at the end of each of the following sentences by clicking to select your choice. These sentences are intended to show the usual and customary pattern of the words.
1.Do you know the answer to this question ( . ) ( ? ) ( ! )
2.I think I know the answer to the question ( . ) ( ? ) ( ! )
3.Try your best on the test ( . ) ( ? ) ( ! )
4.What a good time we are having ( . ) ( ? ) ( ! )
5.Bah humbug ( . ) ( ? ) ( ! )
6.Please study these questions ( . ) ( ? ) ( ! )
7.I am confident of my abilities ( . ) ( ? ) ( ! )
8.Will you be able to complete the test ( . ) ( ? ) ( ! )
9.Mark your answers here ( . ) ( ? ) ( ! )
10.Wow ( . ) ( ? ) ( ! )
11-26:Comma: One or more commas have been omitted from each of the following sentences. Correctly insert commas by clicking between words where you desire commas to be.
27-32:Comma: The following sentences either have a comma error or are correct as shown. Correctly insert commas where needed by clicking the space between words where you desire a comma to be, or click to select "Correct as is" at the end of the sentence.
27.ThesurfboardthatIlikebestisasix-footfiberglassboard. (correct as is)
28.Theauthorofthatbookwhohappenstobeafriendofminewillbeattending. (correct as is)
29.Quotinghisexactwordsisdifficulttodo. (correct as is)
30.PleaseaddressthelettertoBillSmith3419MainStreetBillingsMontana3469. (correct as is)
31.HaveyouseentheApril2005issueofSportsIllustrated? (correct as is)
32.Thecolddesperatesurvivorshuddledonthedeck. (correct as is)
33-40:Quotation Marks: Quotation marks have been omitted from the following sentences, or the sentence is correct as shown. Correctly insert quotation marks where needed by clicking the space between words where you desire quotation marks to be, or click "correct as is" at the end of the sentence.
33.Hesaidthathewasgoingtothegame.(correct as is)
34.Mariaasked,Wheredoyougotoschool?(correct as is)
35.Theflight,theattendantannounced,isbeingdelayedonehour.(correct as is)
36.Whatabeautifulday!sheexclaimed.(correct as is)
37.ThepackagewasmarkedConfidentialonthelabel.(correct as is)
38.Alltogether,yelledtheleader,pullforallyou'reworth!(correct as is)
39.Congratulations,sheyelled.(correct as is)
40.ItoldyouthatIwouldbelate!(correct as is)
41-44:Parentheses: Parenthetical phrases in the following sentences could be appropriately enclosed in parentheses. Correctly insert parentheses by clicking the spaces between words where you desire parentheses to be.
45-48:Dash: A single dash, or pair of dashes, may be appropriately used to punctuate the following sentences. Correctly insert a dash in the sentence by clicking the space between words where you desire a dash to be.
49-52:Semicolon: A single semicolon has been omitted from each of the following sentences. Insert a semicolon by clicking the space between words where you desire a semicolon to be.
52.WewilltraveltoCheyenne,WyomingDenver,ColoradoandTaos,New Mexico.
53-56:Colon: A single colon has been omitted from the following sentences. Correctly insert a colon in each sentence by clicking the space where you desire a colon to be.
57-60:Virgule/Slash: One or more virgules have been omitted from the following sentences. Insert a virgule by clicking between words or numbers where you desire a virgule to be.
61-80:Capitalization: The sentences below either show errors in capitalization or are correct as shown. Click to select the word or words you feel should be correctly capitalized but are not capitalized, or select "(correct as is)" at the end of each sentence.
61.dad made it perfectly clear that there will be "no football during meals." (correct as is)
62.the denver broncos will play the miami dolphins. (correct as is)
63.i believe i have been misunderstood. (correct as is)
64.i have visited the following states: oregon, washington, idaho, and wyoming. (correct as is)
65.the old man's words were unforgettable, "change is the one constant in life." (correct as is)
66.the candidate spoke at length and said, "i will win the primary election ... and, i will be elected in the fall." (correct as is)
67.the other house of congress is the senate. (correct as is)
68.in my pantry i find italian spaghetti, greek olives, and canadian syrup. (correct as is)
69.the bowl game will be between the university of oregon [ducks] and the university of nebraska [cornhuskers]. (correct as is)
70.The United States men's soccer team will participate in the World Cup in 2006. (correct as is)
71."the university of California football team," he said, "is the championship team." (correct as is)
72.did i tell you that we are studying the age of reason? (correct as is)
73.all the candidates emphasized that we would "win in the fall." (correct as is)
74.didn't mark twain write connecticut yankee in king arthur's court? (correct as is)
75.Have you ever heard of the civilian conservation corps? (correct as is)
76.other than memorial day, will we have any other vacation days this spring? (correct as is)
77.within arms reach, i always have my funk and wagnalls standard college dictionary. (correct as is)
78."do not capitalize," she emphasized, "a quotation that is really part of the sentence." (correct as is)
79.we followed the oregon trail across nebraska, wyoming, and oregon. (correct as is)
80.During the first semester, students are required to take english composition 1A and speed reading 101. (correct as is)