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Quiz 5-48
Prompt:In this study we have covered punctuation patterns and have considered the capitalization of first words in a sentence, proper nouns, the proper pronoun I, proper adjectives, direct quotations, sentences within parentheses, titles of works, historical terms, and calendar days, seasons, and holidays.
Directions:Read the following questions and do as directed.
1-10:One or more virgules (slashes), dashes, semicolons, or colons have been omitted from the following sentences. Insert the proper punctuation by clicking between the words or numbers you desire the proper punctuation to be.
2.Weplayedagoodgamehence, weshould have won.
5.Sheissmartindeed, sheisagenius.
9.TheopeningphraseinCaesar'sGallicWarsreadsasfollows"Galliaestomnisdivisainpartestres ..."
11-20:The sentences below either show errors in capitalization or are correct as shown. Click to select the word or words you feel should be correctly capitalized but are not capitalized, or select "(correct as is)" at the end of each sentence.
11."the university of california football team is the championship team," he said. (correct as is)
12.he said, "the university of california football team is the championship team." (correct as is)
13.we always enjoy our trips to arizona deserts and california beaches. (correct as is)
14.I would like to write a book titled my moments of immortality. (correct as is)
15.The second chapter of her book was titled "read the directions, stupid." (correct as is)
16.When was the national recovery act passed by Congress? (correct as is)
17.we always celebrate veteran's day on november 11. (correct as is)
18.every wednesday our cosmopolitan club meets at the carnegie library. (correct as is)
19.I am now reading the language instinct by steven pinker. (correct as is)
20.Have you completed the test? no way! (correct as is)