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C apitalization: Branches of Learning
Lesson 5-47
Prompt:Specific courses of study are capitalized: "Algebra II, U.S. History 3B, and Writing 1A." General branches of learning are not capitalized: "algebra, history, and writing." Capitalize proper nouns and adjectives dealing with languages, cultures, and nations: "English, Spanish, Russian, French, English history, Mexican food, Chinese cuisine."
Directions:The sentences below either show errors in capitalization or are correct as shown. Click to select the word or words you feel should be correctly capitalized but are not capitalized, or select "(correct as is)" at the end of each sentence.
1.I would like to take a class in astronomy, physics, and russian literature. (correct as is)
2.This semester I am taking Spanish I, Physics 1A, and World History 134. (correct as is)
3.She found that english history was a good background for american history. (correct as is)
4.A good way to learn english grammar is through English Grammar 101 which is on-line and on CD-Rom. (correct as is)
5.His major is in anthropology, but he is taking paleontology 123 this semester. (correct as is)
6.Her list of classes, as shown on her report card, are as follows biology 1, french II, english 12A, and advanced math 3. (correct as is)
7.I would recommend that you take studies in spelling, writing, and history. (correct as is)
8.My interest in genetics was realized in a course called bio-genetics 101. (correct as is)
9.My counselor suggested that I take a course in math to help my mental abilities. (correct as is)
10.Foods 9A, physics 2, algebra 1, and English 10: I have taken them all. (correct as is)
11.In college I would like to study aeronautical engineering. (correct as is)
12.Is there such a thing as American English? (correct as is)
13.A study in shakespearean writing includes both comedies and tragedies. (correct as is)
14.In earlier years, latin schools taught classic literature. (correct as is)
15.Many scholars learned english grammar by studying latin grammar. (correct as is)
16.During the first semester, students take latin 1, and greek 1. (correct as is)
17.Professor Alice Dunn taught basic english composition 1A last semester. (correct as is)
18.Register for the following classes: computer processing II, higher math 3B, english composition 1A, and social science 100. (correct as is)
19.The student teacher was enrolled in teaching practicum 3. (correct as is)
20.An interest in physics led to a study in astrophysics. (correct as is)