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C apitalization: Abbreviations
Lesson 5-44
Prompt:Abbreviations of a title before or after a name are usually capitalized: "Dr. William George Ph.D., John Smith Esq., Mrs. Jones U.S.N., Mr. Marvin Van Horne M.A. (Ret.), Capt. Bonds U.S. Army." Capitalize abbreviations of companies, agencies, organizations, days, months, addresses, states, countries, and postal codes: "IBM, CIA, UN, ABA, Weds., Jan., Blvd., St., CA, OR, AZ, USA."
Directions:The sentences below either show errors in capitalization or are correct as shown. Click to select the word or words you feel should be correctly capitalized but are not capitalized, or select "(correct as is)" at the end of each sentence.
1.Her name was printed as follows: ms Cynthia Fellows m.a., ph. d. (correct as is)
2.The address read: 3547 Birch st., Portland, ma, u.s.a. 937854. (correct as is)
3.dr. Whittington ph. d. is a member of cta, nea, and crta. (correct as is)
4.Did mr. Williams work for unesco? (correct as is)
5.The meeting date read as follows: thur. jan. 23, 2004, at 9:00 a.m. (correct as is)
6.Is the postal abbreviation for Colorado co? (correct as is)
7.The letter was addressed to col. Richards who is working with the cia. (correct as is)
8.Have you heard the speeches of sir Winston Churchill? (correct as is)
9.She is dating a cpa who received his mba from ucla. (correct as is)
10.Is she a doctor with an m.d. or a d.d.s. degree? (correct as is)
11.Will officer Nelson introduce judge Gomez? (correct as is)
12.Does prof. Fernea teach at usc or at ucsb? (correct as is)
13.She teaches a course on the administrations of jfk and lbj. (correct as is)
14.Last year, prince Andrew of England visited Washington d.c. (correct as is)
15.Yesterday, senator Pandolfini, ambassador Kirsch, and secretary of state Murray were present in the meeting. (correct as is)
16.The address read as follows: maj. Phillip Nolan, 18654 Congress ave., st. Cloud, mn 93657. (correct as is)
17.The Canadian Pacific Railroad is known as the cpr. (correct as is)
18.The remarks concerned a gen. Winston and a col. Darby. (correct as is)
19.Our history shows two pres. Adamses and two pres. Bushes. (correct as is)
20.He worked for several companies to include ibm, trw, and nbc. (correct as is)