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C apitalization: Calendar Days, Seasons, Holidays
Lesson 5-41
Prompt:Capitalize the names of days, months, and holidays: "Monday, January, Veteran's Day." The seasons of the year are usually not capitalized: "spring, summer, fall, and winter."
Directions:The sentences below either show errors in capitalization or are correct as shown. Click to select the word or words you feel should be correctly capitalized but are not capitalized, or select "(correct as is)" at the end of each sentence.
1.Yes, independence day is in july. (correct as is)
2.We are going on vacation this fall. (correct as is)
3.Did you know that June 5th is world environment day? (correct as is)
4.We celebrate father's day in June. (correct as is)
5.Each year we start school after labor day. (correct as is)
6.In January we celebrate martin luther king day. (correct as is)
7.During the month of February, valentines day is celebrated with candy and flowers. (correct as is)
8.On arbor day we will plant a tree in the quad. (correct as is)
9.By an act of Congress, we have a holiday on thanksgiving day. (correct as is)
10.Do you prefer spring, summer, fall, or winter? (correct as is)
11.Our meeting will be next tuesday. (correct as is)
12.The appointment will be made for mother's day in may. (correct as is)
13.We fly the flag every flag day in june. (correct as is)
14.Our family schedules holidays for Winter Solstice and Spring Solstice each year. (correct as is)
15.As children, we enjoyed dressing up in costumes on halloween. (correct as is)
16.Are you free Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday? (correct as is)
17.The eighth month is august. (correct as is)
18.Does your school have a holiday on Columbus day? (correct as is)
19.We celebrate the birthday of our first president each february on washington's birthday, a national holiday. (correct as is)
20.A great holiday for college football is new year's day. (correct as is)