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C apitalization: Titles of Works
Lesson 5-39
Prompt:Capitalize the first word of a title, the last word of the title, and all other important words: "The Tale of Two Cities, A Dictionary of American Idioms, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark." Long prepositions (usually four letters or more) are usually capitalized in the title: "Therapy Through Hypnosis, Living Life Outside the Box."
Note:Underscores or italics (not both) are used to show the titles of books, magazines, newspapers, operas, movies or plays, and the names of ships and airplanes. Quotation marks (" ") are used to show the titles of short stories, poems, articles, stories, chapters, and other units smaller than a whole volume.
Directions:The sentences below either show errors in capitalization or are correct as shown. Click to select the word or words you feel should be correctly capitalized but are not capitalized, or select "(correct as is)" at the end of each sentence.
1.In high school, I read my favorite book, Two Years Before the Mast. (correct as is)
2.Have you read the love story of all time, Les Miserables? (correct as is)
3.The title of chapter three is "what to do until mother gets home." (correct as is)
4.The book One flew over the cuckoos nest takes place in a mental institution. (correct as is)
5.A good reference book is the concise handbook for writers. (correct as is)
6.I have spent many hours with the reference book: The rise and fall of the dutch republic. (correct as is)
7.Have you read The man from snowy river? (correct as is)
8.She subscribes to the "organic gardening magazine." (correct as is)
9.Lord Cardigan (for whom the cardigan sweater was named) was the cavalry officer involved in Tennyson's "charge of the light brigade." (correct as is)
10.Do you know who travels in air force one? (correct as is)
11.Mark Twain wrote the tale connecticut yankee in king arthur's court. (correct as is)
12.You will enjoy reading adventures of sherlock holmes. (correct as is)
13.No, the book The comedy of errors is not a book about political satire. (correct as is)
14.One of the first novels in Western literature was don quixote. (correct as is)
15.Try Jack London's story The call of the wild. (correct as is)
16.Stephen Crane wrote an epic story of the American Civil War called The red badge of courage. (correct as is)
17.We are going to see one of Shakespeare's plays, as you like it. (correct as is)
18.The book profiles in courage was written by John F. Kennedy. (correct as is)
19.The magazine article was entitled "traveling through the perfect summer." (correct as is)
20.Are you going to see The lord of the rings? (correct as is)