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C apitalization: Proper Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives
Lesson 5-38
Prompt:A proper noun or noun phrase that names a specific thing is usually capitalized: "John Smith, Maria Rivera, Missouri River, House of Representatives." Always capitalize the pronoun "I" when used in a sentence: "Bill and I will attend." Proper nouns that are used as adjectives are also usually capitalized: "California cheese, Arizona desert, Santa Barbara vacation, American independence."
Directions:The sentences below either show errors in capitalization or are correct as shown. Click to select the word or words you feel should be correctly capitalized but are not capitalized, or select "(correct as is)" at the end of each sentence.
1.i will be in pasadena, california on January 1st. (correct as is)
2.did he attend the university of wyoming? (correct as is)
3.she claimed that jonathon livingston was her uncle. (correct as is)
4.on this trip, we will visit the arizona deserts. (correct as is)
5.their travels took them to the mississippi river, the rocky mountains, and the atlantic ocean. (correct as is)
6."it is i," said the man. (correct as is)
7.do you always buy french wine? (correct as is)
8.how would you compare oregon beaches to washington beaches? (correct as is)
9.Florida beaches are similar to California beaches. (correct as is)
10.gerald ford, jimmy carter, ronald reagan, george bush, and bill clinton were former presidents of the United States. (correct as is)
11.the two main travel routes in the 1800s were the oregon trail and the california trail. (correct as is)
12.a city that i enjoy most is boise, idaho. (correct as is)
13.do you read the new york times? (correct as is)
14.the grand canyon is our next stop. (correct as is)
15.if you like rodeos, see the rodeo during the cheyenne frontier days. (correct as is)
16.where would one travel to find mount rushmore? (correct as is)
17.In the early literature of the West, Yellowstone Park was once known as Coulter's Hell. (correct as is)
18.william coulter was one of the explorers on the louis and clark expedition. (correct as is)
19.the exploration of the louisiana territory was a great event in american history. (correct as is)
20.during their trip, the party of explorers traveled on the missouri river and the columbia river. (correct as is)