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C omma: Modifiers in a Series
Lesson 5-22
Prompt:A comma is used to separate two or more adjectives, adverbs, or phrases that modify the same word: "Gold, silver, and bronze coins were visible." or "The soaring bird glided slowly, gracefully through several turns." Use a comma to separate adjectives and adverbs when the conjunction "and" could be used: "Gold and silver and bronze coins were visible." or "Gold, silver, and bronze coins were visible." Do not separate modifiers when the words modify each other and the conjunction "and" would normally not be used: "It was a warm spring day." or "She wore her blue faded dress."
Directions:Each sentence below contains two or more modifiers that modify the same word. Insert one or more commas by clicking the space between the words where you desire a comma to be.
1.Shewillalwaysberememberedasacalmresourcefulandtalentedindividual. (correct as is)
2.Herentedabrightredvan. (correct as is)
3.Thatdaywillberememberedashothumidandlong. (correct as is)
4.Cloudydarkskiesarrivedwiththedawn. (correct as is)
5.FrenchSpanishandItalianfoodswillbeserved. (correct as is)
6.Fallwinterandspringsportsarescheduled. (correct as is)
7.Thecoldwetsnowlayontheground. (correct as is)
8.FordPlymouthDodgeandLincolncarsarehere. (correct as is)
9.Iamwearingmydarkbluepartydress. (correct as is)
10.Bill'sbluebaseballhathungonthechair. (correct as is)
11.Whitepinkandyellowflowersareblooming. (correct as is)
12.TheredblueandgoldcolorsoftheCaliforniadesertfascinatedus. (correct as is)
13.Shewasknownasanhonestandtrustworthyemployee.(correct as is)
14.Shewasknownasanhonesttrustworthyemployee. (correct as is)
15.Weenjoyedadeliciousandnutritiousmeal. (correct as is)
16.Weenjoyedadeliciousnutritiousmeal. (correct as is)
17.Wealwaysfindinexpensiveandefficienttransportation. (correct as is)
18.Wealwaysfindinexpensiveefficienttransportation. (correct as is)
19.Sheisasensitiveandcaringperson. (correct as is)
20.Sheisasensitivecaringperson. (correct as is)