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C omma: Items in a Series
Lesson 5-21
Prompt:Words, phrases, and clauses arranged in a series are separated by commas. For clarity, mark off the last item joined by a conjunction: "Jill, John, and Bill will attend the conference." If main clauses are arranged in a series (more than two) for dramatic intensity, they may be separated by either a comma or semicolon: "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, ..." Items in a series joined by conjunctions are not marked off by commas: "Jill and John and Bill will attend the conference."
Directions:Each sentence below contains a series. Either insert one or more commas by clicking the space between words where you desire a comma to be, or if the sentence is correctly punctuated, click to select "correct as is" at the end of the sentence.
1.Onthetrip, besuretotakeyourbackpackhikingshoesairmattressandyoursleepingbag. (correct as is)
2.Youwerespecificallydirectedtobringyourbackpackandyourhikingshoesandyourairmattress. (correct as is)
3.Theingredientscalledforthreepotatoesfivetomatoesoneonionandspice. (correct as is)
4.HaveyoureadTomSawyerHuckleberryFinnandTwoYearsBeforetheMast? (correct as is)
5.Thedeskdrawercontainedpencilseraserspaperclipsandpens. (correct as is)
6.HisfavoriteclassiccarsareFordsBuicksandChevrolets. (correct as is)
7.Ariseearlyeachmorningexerciseyourmindandbodyandliveyourlifetothefullest. (correct as is)
8.Hisjobsincludedbeingahodcarrierpostalworkerarmyofficerteacherandwriter. (correct as is)
9.Herfavoriteactivitiesweretosolvecrosswordpuzzlesreadcrochetandplayboardgames. (correct as is)
10.Theplaygroundhadswingsaslideajunglegymandaropewalk. (correct as is)
11.Thedoghadthefollowingrepertoireoftricks: sittingheelingrollingoverplayingdeadandspeaking. (correct as is)
12.Thejobrequiresexperienceacollegedegreeandtheabilitytotravel. (correct as is)
13.Thesethingsseemtogotogether: saltandpeppercreamandsugarandbaconandeggs. (correct as is)
14.Thedancesquareconsistedofthefollowingcouples: JackandJillBillandBarbaraMarvinandWandaandJimmyandSue. (correct as is)
15.OurbasketballteamconsistsofRandySeanJoeMitchandBret. (correct as is)
16.ShirleyandJoanandBeverlywillrepresenttheschool. (correct as is)
17.OurtripwilltakeustoNevadaArizonaUtahandOregon. (correct as is)
18.IwouldlikeaburgerFrenchfriesandaPepsi. (correct as is)
19.Sheplanstofinishhighschoolgotocollegeandattendgraduateschool. (correct as is)
20.Heconsideredfriedchickenmashedpotatoesandcreamedgravytobegoodhomecooking. (correct as is)