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C omma: Dates and the Comma
Lesson 5-19
Prompt:In dates, commas help us separate two consecutive numbers. A comma should separate the day of the month and the year if the month is given first: "He was born on August 13, 1936." If the sentence continues after the date, the year should also be followed by a comma: "He was born on January 23, 1936, in Gary, Indiana." Do not use commas when only the month and year are given in dates: "Our trip is scheduled for March 2002." Use commas when dates are repeated as follows: "On Monday, September 9, I will be twenty years old."
Directions:Each sentence below contains a date. Either insert one or more commas by clicking the space where you desire a comma to be, or if the date is correctly shown, click to select "correct as is" at the end of the sentence.
1.OnTuesday, February9, 2002hewillbefiftyyearsold. (correct as is)
2.HaveyouseentheJanuary2002issueofNEAToday? (correct as is)
3.ShewrotedownherbirthdayasApril101958. (correct as is)
4.WillourleaseexpireinJune2002? (correct as is)
5.OnMondayAugust32001ourserieswaspublishedontheInternet. (correct as is)
6.NextSaturdayJune32002ourfamilyreunionwillbegin. (correct as is)
7.TheiranniversarywillbeonMay172003. (correct as is)
8.July41776wasthedatetheAmericancoloniesdeclaredtheirindependencefromEngland. (correct as is)
9.MybookwillbepublishedinMay2004. (correct as is)
10.ThedocumentwassignedonApril62001inCheyenne, Wyoming. (correct as is)
11.OnFridayJune15shewillbeacollegegraduate. (correct as is)
12.DoyourememberwhatyouweredoingonNovember202000? (correct as is)
13.ThePresidenttooktheoathofofficeonJanuary202001at12:00P.M. (correct as is)
14.WastheirweddinginMayorJune2001? (correct as is)
15.September1, 1956isadatetheywillneverforget. (correct as is)
16.HaveyouwrittenoutthedateFebruary22002? (correct as is)
17.ShewasbornonFebruary292000.Howmanybirthdayshasshehad? (correct as is)
18.ThebillwassignedandbecamelawonMarch102002. (correct as is)
19.WillJune2004besoonenoughforthisdelivery? (correct as is)
20.ThedocumentwasreadonWednesdaySeptember251945. (correct as is)