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C omma: Quotations and the Comma
Lesson 5-18
Note:This instructional series uses the standard American convention when using quotation marks and other punctuation marks. The British conventions differ slightly. Students using the British conventions should refer to handbooks for such usage.
Prompt:Quotation marks (" ") are used to show someone's exact words, certain titles, and words given special emphasis. A quotation that fits into the pattern of the clause or phrase is not set off by commas: Using the words of the great Yogi Berra, this is "dejavu all over again." A quotation that is separate from the pattern of the clause or phrase is set off by commas (or by a colon): Yogi Berra remarked, "It ain't over until it's over." Commas and periods always go before the second quotation marks: "I shall never forget," he said. Or: He said, "I shall never forget."
Directions:Each sentence below contains a quotation. Insert commas by clicking between the words where you desire commas to be. If the sentence is correct as shown, click to select "correct as is" at the end of the sentence.
1.Thewitnessstated"Iobservedthismanstandingonthecorner." (correct as is)
2.Yes, shetoldusthatshewould"winthemedal." (correct as is)
3."Youstayoutofthecookiejar," hismotheryelled. (correct as is)
4.Mr.Kincaidannounced"TheunittestwillbethisFriday." (correct as is)
5."TheunittestwillbethisFriday," Mr.Kincaidannounced. (correct as is)
6."Theunittest," Mr.Kincaidannounced" willbethisFriday." (correct as is)
7.Theauthorquestioned"Whatisthecorrectuseofthecommainthissentence?" (correct as is)
8.Beforemyparentsleftontheirtrip, theysaid"WewillbebackonFriday." (correct as is)
9."Ihavetogohomenow," hesaid. (correct as is)
10.Shewroteontheletter"Confidential." (correct as is)
11.Jimfinallyconfessed"Idon'tknowtheanswer." (correct as is)
12.Didtheinvitationsay"R.S.V.P."? (correct as is)
13.TheAdmiralshouted"Ihavenotyetbeguntofight." (correct as is)
14.Thecommandercharacterizedthefightas"intense." (correct as is)
15."Iaminterested" shesaid"ingoingtocollege." (correct as is)
16.Iwanttogotoa"good"school. (correct as is)
17."Areyouprepared," sheadded"fortherigorsofcollegestudy?" (correct as is)
18.Heannouncedtothegroup"IhavebeenacceptedtoattendtheUniversityofCaliforniaatIrvine." (correct as is)
19.Pleasemarkthepackage"SpecialDelivery." (correct as is)