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I ntransitive Complete Verbs
Lesson 4-8
Prompt:Some action verbs are complete and do not transfer action to an object. Such verbs are intransitive and are complete in their meaning.
Example:Consider this sentence: "I am driving slowly." The action verb "am driving" is complete in meaning and does not transfer action to a noun object.
Directions:Each sentence below contains an intransitive complete verb form. Click to select the complete verb form in each sentence.
1.We shall arrive soon.
2.They drove to town.
3.I will finish in five minutes.
4.We will watch carefully.
5.The car ran smoothly.
6.It snowed all day.
7.The car will remain in the garage.
8.I will drive tomorrow.
9.The water rushed by us.
10.We will endure for weeks.
11.The sun will shine today.
12.The class is going on a trip.
13.We shall overcome some day.
14.The engine purred like a kitten.
15.The lake froze overnight.
16.The choir sang for both services.
17.The bells will ring in the morning.
18.The large waves crashed against the shore.
19.Several surfers sat on their boards.
20.The morning sun arose.