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T ransitive Active versus Transitive Passive
Lesson 4-7
Prompt:Action verbs and phrases may transfer action. Transitive active verbs transfer action to a direct object; transitive passive verb phrases transfer action back to a passive subject.
Directions:Each sentence below contains a transitive active or a transitive passive verb form. Do the following: 1) click to select the word that receives the action of the verb — this would be the passive subject or the direct object, and 2) click to select below whether the verb form in the prior sentence is transitive active or transitive passive.
1.The car was driven three hundred miles.
2.(transitive active) (transitive passive)
3.I am writing a letter.
4.(transitive active) (transitive passive)
5.We often drink bottled water.
6.(transitive active) (transitive passive)
7.The puppet was being controlled from above.
8.(transitive active) (transitive passive)
9.Please send me the recipe.
10.(transitive active) (transitive passive)
11.The cake was being cut into six pieces.
12.(transitive active) (transitive passive)
13.The plows cleaned the street.
14.(transitive active) (transitive passive)
15.The stage group will entertain the troops.
16.(transitive active) (transitive passive)
17.Our favorite horse is being retired.
18.(transitive active) (transitive passive)
19.The surfers rode the waves.
20.(transitive active) (transitive passive)